Hello everyone. So here’s the post that I was actually supposed to upload yesterday. I was pretty busy preparing for two housewarming events this weekend, one with some close friends in Munich and the neighborhood and the other one with my closest friends from Ingolstadt.
So I started the day by making some tangerine muffins and then continued with making sushi (only maki sushis though), self-made vietnamese spring rolls, also called “Nem”, and Asian fried noodles. All I can say is that I’m so in love with our new kitchen! It’s so modern and, above all, it has a large working surface.
This time I even had my boyfriend as a helping hand and the whole cooking process went really smoothly. And even though we were both exhausted after each day, these housewarming parties were still great events to be reminiscent of. At this point, I just want to thank every single one, who came to our housewarming party for the great time and for the lovely presents!

DSC05224_bearbeitet DSC05229_bearbeitet DSC05261_bearbeitet
We had this black forest cherry gugelhupf for coffee party on Sunday. I messed up with the decoration (it’s white chocolate and chopped pistachios) a little bit. But the result is still lovely right? And I can confirm that it’s really delicious :)