Perfect cover. Hi beauties, in today’s post I want to do a review on Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream. I purchased this BB Cream a while ago on eBay and until now I had many occasions to try it out. According to Missha this BB Cream lightens the skin tone, heals visible wrinkles and blemishes and prevents skin-aging. The BB cream is available in 5 different shades: #13 milky beige #21 light beige #23 natural beige #27 honey beige #31 golden beige – mine is in #21 light beige.

Now on to my thoughts on this product. The BB Cream has light to medium coverage and blends in well with your skin giving your skin a natural look. I have a lot of blemishes which cannot be covered by the BB Cream completely, that is why I always have to apply concealer to cover my acne spots additionally. I don’t have a lot of wrinkles that is why I cannot tell if it improves your skin by reducing wrinkles, BUT it definitely lightens your skin after a while. Plus, it has a really nice fragrance :) The aspect I don’t like about this BB Cream much is that it is not very moisturizing. If you have dry skin, you probably have to apply some moisturizing cream first. But all in all it is a good product that I will definitely purchase again.