My name is Phương Anh, but in my blogging world I prefer the name Aii. I and a friend made this nickname for myself years ago, back when I was a huge fan of Japanese manga and music. Currently I am 25 years old and moved to Munich in 2011 for studies. I love everything that looks cute, and I’m clearly one of those people who think that almost everything is cute or adorable. Currently I am obsessed with Korean Culture, such as music, food and makeup and skincare.

I started a little bit of blogging back in 2008, but lost track of it after a while. Always looking for new inspirations myself, I developed an interest in fashion and make up. That’s when I thought of starting a new blog again to capture my life events for beautiful memories and inspirations. Lovaiible is therefore a blog where I will write about beauty, food, lifestyle, outfit, and personal events.